Scaling India’s ‘Learning to Earning’ Calibre through Improved User Engagement

With over 980 million mobile subscribers in India, mobile devices offer the prospect of high penetration and access to affordable and quality education and earning opportunities at scale.

The GMC Calibrator is a Six-Month Blended Zero Equity Accelerator Program launched by Gray Matters Capital in April 2018 with a specific focus on enhancing User Engagement through product optimization of mobile based platforms based on understanding and implementing end-user ‘Behavioral Design’.

It is for organizations imparting education, skill building, facilitating opportunities at economic activity and bridging gender gaps in education and workforce participation.


With ‘Self Learning to Self Earning’ as its guiding theme, the GMC Calibrator looks to offer one-on-one customized expertise for scalable edtech enterprises that address the following challenges that currently plague India’s education system:

Our Vision

The selected cohort of the GMC Calibrator in 2018 will endeavor to achieve

Program Timeline

GMC Calibrator 2018 Program


The GMC Calibrator

The GMC Calibrator is tailored for those mobile app based edtech ventures that are looking to overcome challenges with respect to:

  • Poor retention rates and learning outcomes owing to sub-par user experience and engagement
  • Defining a sustainable mobile app based monetization strategy
  • Identifying a product market fit


Every enterprise in the cohort will get
Growth Vouchers upto $ 35,000 which can be used to avail

  • Mentorship in
    User Engagement Strategy

    Enterprises will be mentored to improve content stickiness and content design to improve learning experience on the apps

  • Mentorship in
    Mobile Product Strategy

    Enterprises will be mentored on Product Market Fit Refinement, User Acquisition and Product Performance Optimization

"At the end of the program, the best performing enterprise in the cohort will get prize money of $ 30,000 while the runner up will get $ 20,000"

We do not charge any Program Fees
What’s more?
We do not take any
Equity stake

Our Partners

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Our Jury

Archana Priyadarshini

Partner, Unicorn India Ventures

Erika Norwood

Executive Director, Gray Matters Capital

Parag Dhol

Managing Director, Inventus

Ragini Chaudhary

India CEO, Gray Matters Capital

Savitha Singh

Global IT leader and Retail technologist

Our Mentors

Amey Mashelkar

Head - JioGenNext

Anurag Vaish

Co-Founder, Final Mile Consulting

Arjun Thomas

Founding Partner, ZingerLabs

Bhanu Potta

Founding Partner, ZingerLabs

Who Can Apply?

  • Applicants can be Education Start-Ups/ NGOs with a Mobile App offering imparting Pre-KG, K12, 21st Century Skills, Vocational Skills, Life Learning, Skills for Gig Economy, Future of Work, etc.
  • The product should have an existing user base of an average 30-40k and the potential and aspiration to scale in order to cater to the mass market

“The GMC Calibrator is aimed at those mobile based edtech enterprises which have the disruptive potential to change the paradigm of education and skilling in the country. We are also looking to bridge the gender gap that exists in education and workforce participation with this.”

Ragini Chaudhary

Ragini Chaudhary,

India CEO, Gray Matters Capital

“Designing for User Engagement is a deliberate endeavour that can increase both Impact and Value of Products and Services. Journey beyond user acquisition to User Engagement with GMC Calibrator.”

Bhanu Potta

Bhanu Potta,

Founding Partner, ZingerLabs

“The GMC Calibrator is an accelerator with the uniqueness of being focused on applying behavioral science to enhance user engagement on mobile education platforms”

Anurag Vaish

Anurag Vaish,

Co-Founder & Partner, Final Mile Consulting

Apply for the GMC Calibrator

Get One-on-One Customized Expertise worth upto $35,000

Solve a specific Product Problem within 6 months!

Enhance user engagement through behavioral insights driven product tweaks

Get your mobile product strategy in place to scale your business, reach millions and create meaningful impact.



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