Gray Matters Capital provides flexible risk capital to entrepreneurs and social ventures throughout the developing world. We deploy our funds through seed-stage investment vehicles with investments ranging from $50,000 to $250,000 and venture capital stage investments ranging from $250,000 to $2.0 million. Our packages are flexible and are delivered quickly. Holding periods usually last 3 to 5 years, with the expectation of a reasonable exit opportunity.

We play an active role as a minority investor, and provide value-added governance for the enterprises in our portfolio. In addition to serving in an advisory role, we work with our entrepreneurs to identify social and financial metrics that guide business strategy and allow entrepreneurs to understand the dynamics of the social change they are seeking to achieve.

We also offer a unique blend of access to other social ventures and entrepreneurs, like-minded allies and co-investors, commitment from skilled developers, and an opportunity to be mentored by people of experience and character.

ParaLife offers financial protection solutions for low-income individuals and families, micro-entrepreneurs, and persons with disabilities in Latin America. For more information, visit here. RentBureau enhances access to credit for low- income individuals by aggregating and packaging rental payment performance data. For more information, visit here.
United Villages leverages wireless and transportation infrastructure to cost-effectively deliver products and services to underserved rural markets. For more information, visit here. CellBazaar connects buyers and sellers in an electronic marketplace over their cell phones. CellBazaar allows individuals to check market prices, buy or sell products, and gain critical information related to their business performance and financial decisions. For more information, visit here.
d.light design is a fast-growing international consumer products company serving individuals without access to reliable electricity. D.Light enables energy insecure households to attain the same quality of life as those with electricity, beginning with replacing every kerosene lantern with clean, safe, and bright light. For more information, visit here. SourceTrace is a leading independent provider of remote transaction solutions for financial services, agriculture, healthcare and micro-insurance organizations in emerging markets. For more information, visit here.
Beam mobile money offers a mobile-based, cashless financial transaction system that allows the unbanked population to transact utilizing prepaid instruments. For more information, visit here. For more information, visit here. Emergence BioEnergy distributes fuel- independent, "free piston" Stirling engines, or micro-Combined- Heat-and-Power (micro-CHP) engines, to rural households in South Asia, providing a renewable, ultra-affordable alternative energy source for electricity, heat and refrigeration. For more information, please visit here.
Beyond making investments in social enterprises, we also test our unproven ideas in the Inklings Incubator, an intellectual capital program designed to develop innovative business concepts. The Inklings Incubator allows us to research game-changing ideas, determine their viability in the marketplace, and assess whether they have the ability to engender wide-scale social change. Many of our groundbreaking programs got their start under the Inklings Incubator: Village Capital, First Light Ventures, Indian School Finance Company, and the Sanabel Microfinance Network. Our current efforts focus on advancing education and employment for women in emerging markets, with a special emphasis on India.

The School Ratings Program conducts comprehensive assessments of Affordable Private Schools (APS) across India. This enables school leaders, investors, and customers to understand gaps in service delivery, develop school improvement solutions, and monitor progress. Our program is a trusted gateway that also connects service, curriculum, and technology providers to schools in our network. After two years under GMC's direction, Ratings has converted to a for-profit venture in order to scale and expand its offering and impact across India. For more information on the Affordable Private Schools, please visit here.The IDEX Accelerator is a six-month field training & professional fellowship program for aspiring social enterprise practitioners. IDEX's mission is to develop a knowledgeable and experienced pipeline of human capital for the social enterprise sector. Candidates are chosen from a highly competitive pool of talented, passionate individuals from a wide range of sectors, professional and academic backgrounds and ethnicities. Participants are matched and placed in pairs in social enterprises across India and provide critical strategic, management and program support aimed at building, scaling or sustaining the organization's impact. For more information, visit here.Based on the concept of the "village bank" in microfinance, Village Capital builds cohorts of entrepreneurs for education programs with partners worldwide. At the end of each program, entrepreneurs assess one another, and the top-ranked receive capital from partner investors. Village Capital has supported nearly 300 mission-driven entrepreneurs across six continents worldwide. Its ventures have since raised more than $30 million, created over 5,000 jobs, and served over four million customers. For more information on Village Capital, please visit here.First Light Ventures invests in entrepreneurs who develop sustainable, market-based solutions for low-income customers globally. First Light identifies, funds, and matches early-stage, highly-scalable enterprises with later stage investors. FLV is unique in its focus on pilot or proof-of-concept businesses, small deal size, and high volume of investments. First Light has invested in 26 companies since launching in 2009, and these companies have served more than 10,000 lives already – a fraction of their future potential. For more information, visit here.Sanabel was established in 2002 when 17 representatives from 7 Arab countries gathered in Tunisia to launch the first and only network designed to serve microfinance institutions in the Arab world. The Rockdale Foundation (now Gray Matters Capital) played an integral role in its establishment and growth – through funding, organizing conferences and recruiting leadership for the organization. In 2004, Sanabel was incorporated and registered as a nonprofit organization in both Atlanta and in Cairo, Egypt where the headquarters are located.  Currently Sanabel has over 90 members from 12 Arab countries: Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen.  Sanabel’s members served more than 2.6 million borrowers, representing 73% of total outreach in the Arab region. For more information, visit here.

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