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Vietnamese EdTech Start-Up Edmicro Selected for GMC Calibrator

Gray Matters Capital Selects Two African Start-Ups for its GMC Calibrator

Gray Matters Capital Goes Global with the Second Cohort of its ‘Digital Self-Learning to Earning’ Accelerator – GMC Calibrator

3-Day Leadership Development Program for Social Entrepreneurs Begins in Goa

Gray Matters Capital’s edLABS Funds Online Test-prep Platform for Government Jobs MadGuy Labs

Over 40% EdTech Entrepreneurs in India cite User Engagement as a Key Challenge with their Mobile Apps

Gray Matters Capital’s coLABS Funds Nigerian On-Demand Mobile Diagnostic Imaging Start-Up SonoCare

Rajasthan based Experiential Learning Start-up SRJNA raises funding from Gray Matters Capital’s edLABS

Kidovators Secures Funding from Gray Matters Capital to Scale its 21st Century Skills Program to over 100,000 Students in 2018

Gray Matters Capital Backs Ghana’s Medical Diagnostics Venture Redbird Health Tech under its coLABS Portfolio