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Regional Manager


Based out in Mexico City, Sebastian is the Latin American Portfolio Manager of Gray Matters Capital focusing on maximizing the impact and value for its investments in education enterprises in the region.
Leveraging a rich cross-cultural background, he has acquired international experience as an executive, consultant, impact investor and entrepreneur. A natural connector, he enjoys networking and exchanging ideas with people from all walks of life. He serves on the board of a handful of businesses and foundations.

He recently co-founded Instituto Salus (a health sciences institute) and Caiman Solutions (niche B2B technology). His latest endeavor -a free-range egg farm named after his daughter- led to the creation of Grupo San Bruno, a social venture that promotes financial independence for hundreds of families through a collaborative farming model.

In the past, Sebastian helped design a global online university seeking to empower the less privileged through critical thinking; represented the Toniic Impact Investor Network in Latin America; and has been involved in international business development, private banking, the music industry and documentary film production.

Sebastian believes in the alchemy of collaboration to transform misleading and harmful paradigms for society. He co-founded Nexus Mexico in 2012 -a chapter of the Nexus Youth Summit hosted by the UN- to reimagine novel solutions for the most pressing world challenges, by gathering a global community of social innovators. He constantly studies disruptive ideas wondering if these could become new tools to empower people and develop a more compassionate consciousness.

Sebastian holds a Bachelors in Arts degree in Languages and International Business from the University of Savoie and a Masters in International Business from the Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France.

Fun Fact

Family time and bonding with friends over music and movies is sacrosanct for Sebastian. Travel and outdoor sports are what he engages in to unwind. Learning and imparting education are his true passions.