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Manager - Portfolio Operations


Supriya is the Portfolio Operations Manager delivering 'Value Beyond Capital' to Gray Matters Capital’s portfolio companies and keeping them 'On-the-ball' in performance management, financial reporting and business planning.

Supriya comes with over ten years of experience in Financial Planning and Analysis working in sectors like real estate and telecom in UAE and India.

Her expertise in devising long term business plans, analyzing financial statements, annual budgeting, valuation and risk management has aided organizational leaders with data backed insights for better decision making.

Supriya is a CFA and has an M.S. Finance from ICFAI University, Hyderabad.

Fun Fact
Supriya is a fitness enthusiast who starts her day by practising malleable yoga postures. Always on the move, be it at work pursuing investee companies for monthly compliance reports or running behind her daughter post work, she dreams of opening a fitness center to promote holistic living some day.