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Education Catalyst Fund is a US$ 20 Million onshore fund established under the Alternate Investment Fund Category II scheme of the Securities & Exchange Board of India. It is focused on supporting edtech companies that offer solutions to low income families in the education, and jobs & livelihoods areas.

The 8-year close-ended fund managed by impact investment management firm CBA Capital aims at supporting 15 edtech companies in the early part of their lifecycle with seed and series A stage investments. To deliver on its promise of disrupting India’s education, it has till date invested in three companies – Simulanis, Kopykitab and Buddy4Study – all early-stage companies using technology to disrupt traditional business models. Gray Matters Capital is the largest investor in the fund.

Investment Rationale

Focused on education and skilling – two of the most important ingredients for harvesting India’s demographic dividend, the fund has the potential of bringing a positive change in the lives of low income families across the country. With its investees expected to touch over one million low income households over their lifetime, investing in ECF was a powerful pathway to achieving impact at scale.

About Graymatterscap

Gray Matters Capital (GMC) is an Atlanta based impact investor with a gender lens that is on a mission to “Find a more purposeful life for 100 million women by 2036." Aligning with its mission is its strategy of making sector agnostic investments globally in for-profit enterprises whose products and services benefit women and girls at scale.

GMC sees education, primarily catering to under-resourced and low and middle income sections of the society, as a powerful tool to bring about gender equality and social equity. Over the past 12 years, it has focused on supporting the education ecosystem India by funding for-profit enterprises in the ‘learning to earning’ space, besides being pioneers in establishing the school finance industry catering to low cost private schools in India with Indian School Finance Company (ISFC); Pakistan with the set-up of Taleem Finance Company Ltd (TFCL), in addition to Nigeria (with EdFin Microfinance Bank).

GMC has till date funded over 80 enterprises across the world to the tune of US$ 125 million.

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