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How Teachers can make the most of Khan Academy for Remote Learning

In the previous blog of our Technologies for School Resilience series, we focused on some of the world’s best Teacher Capacity Building apps such as Meghshala, ChalkLit, Firki and tickLinks that teachers could use for accessing ready-made digitized content, be it in the form of videos, PDF documents, images, slides etc.[Read: Online Curriculum-based Resources that […]

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Digital LMS Platforms for Low Cost Private Schools

In the first blog post of our ‘Technologies for School Resilience’ series, we focused on how schools can use video conferencing tools like Zoom to conduct classes as seamlessly as possible. In today’s blog, we will consider education technology platforms that your school can use to complement video conferencing. We will be looking at platforms […]

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Live Classes via Zoom | Technologies for School Resilience – COVID19

The challenges posed by the COVID19 pandemic on us are manifold with schools forced to be shut in order to check the spread of the virus and mitigate casualties. The closure of schools, however need not deter schools like yours from imparting education. This is the time for technological tools to be leveraged to the […]

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