Team and Advisory


coLABS Advisory Board | Director - Circle Surrogacy and Egg Donation


Angela Rastegar is an investor and entrepreneur who brings over 12 years of experience in strategy and social impact, and is passionate about supporting early-stage businesses.

Currently, she serves as the Director of Circle Surrogacy - one of the oldest and most experienced surrogacy and egg donation agencies in the world which has helped build families since 1995 in 73 countries.

Prior to this, she was the Interim Fund Manager of VilCap Investments, which invests in early-stage global businesses focused on social or environmental challenges. She has advised over $100M in investments and grants for social good projects around the world on behalf of Fortune 100 companies, multilaterals, private foundations, and LPs.

Angela had also built and run a fintech company called Agora for Good, which focused on donations and communications for nonprofits and supported 100s of nonprofits operating in 80 countries.

She holds a BA from Sanford University and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.