Supporting Social Enterprises in Ghana by partnering with Ghana Innovation Hub

Posted By Varun Bhagath On Wed, Dec 18, 2019

To develop innovative businesses in any country, it is imperative that start-ups get access to quality support services and access to finance within the ecosystem to be able to journey from ‘incipience to scale to impact’. Be it a physical working space that facilitates a conducive environment for learning and ideas to be nurtured, offering business development services for customer acquisition, investment matchmaking for funding or ecosystem support in terms of access to training, tools and learning solutions; all these play a significant role in determining the future growth of an enterprise.

We at Gray Matters Capital (GMC) have been focusing on the start-up ecosystem in the continent of Africa by funding 5 enterprises in Rwanda (ARED), Ghana (Redbird Health Tech), Nigeria (Sonocare) and Kenya (Taimba and Farmshine) over the last two years through our gender lens portfolio – GMC coLABS that supports early-stage, innovative and scalable for-profit enterprises having the potential to dramatically improve the lives of women and girls around the world.

coLABS is embarking on a partnership with the Ghana Innovation Hub by creating opportunities for knowledge sharing, investment matchmaking and providing other resources to support social enterprises in Ghana.



The Ghana Innovation Hub (GIH) has been set up to help develop innovative businesses in the Ghanaian ecosystem.

Through this partnership, we will cross-refer potential social enterprises to be considered for Ghana Innovation Hub’s programs such as #innov8GH and Orange Corners; share portfolio learnings in the form of coLABS Learning Reports and insights from the ecosystem as well as promote initiatives and work across our communications platforms.

GIH on the other hand will promote coLABS within its network and nominate potential applicants to coLABS in line with our criteria, besides symbiotic learning being shared from its programs.

We are optimistic of finding our next coLABS portfolio company through this partnership which is working towards benefiting women and girls in Ghana through innovative products and services that can be replicated pan-Africa as well as globally!

If you are one such social enterprise, do apply for funding by visiting






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