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Screencastify and Other Chrome Extensions for Teachers conducting Virtual Classes

The last few blogs in our ‘Technologies for School Resilience’ series have focused on the importance of videos from a student engagement perspective, especially for virtual classrooms, while recommending the likes of Khan Academy [Read: How Teachers can make the most of Khan Academy for Remote Learning] to complement free-to-access digitized curriculum based content, including […]

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Microsoft Teams – An Alternative to Zoom for Schools Conducting Virtual Classes

We started this Technologies for School Resilience blog series as posts that would help schools focused on imparting education to students from under-resourced communities, to understand communication and education technology tools and resources which are free to use and practical to implement from a school continuity perspective. While our last set of posts covered technologies […]

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Broadcast the New EdTech? Part 1: Non-Internet based Technologies for School Continuity

COVID-19 and the resultant school closures due to lockdowns being imposed by governments across many countries presents itself as an insurmountable challenge for many schools and students alike from an education continuity perspective. As much as it has been an adversity, it has presented itself as an opportunity for companies in the EdTech space around […]

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