December 2019 - GrayMatters Capital

Supporting Social Enterprises in Ghana by partnering with Ghana Innovation Hub

To develop innovative businesses in any country, it is imperative that start-ups get access to quality support services and access to finance within the ecosystem to be able to journey from ‘incipience to scale to impact’. Be it a physical working space that facilitates a conducive environment for learning and ideas to be nurtured, offering […]

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#GivingTuesday: A Day when Gray Matters Capital Celebrated Generosity to Sow the Seeds of Impact

Generosity is contagious. Haven’t we all experienced a sense of satisfaction after performing an act of helping others and seeing others happy? Be it helping a blind person cross the road or unencumbering an old lady off her burden of carrying her bag? Visiting orphanages, old age homes or even kennels and making a difference […]

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