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Online Curriculum-based Resources that Teachers can use for Virtual Classes

So far our blogs in the Technologies for School Resilience series have covered those tools and resources that help schools in taking their classes online for education continuity of their students. Be it setting up virtual classes using video conferencing; using internet enabled tools such as Digital Learning Management Systems and messenger services like WhatsApp […]

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Tools to Convert Class Material from Physical to Digital

In our first two posts of our ‘Technologies for School Resilience’ blog series, we covered video conferencing tools like Zoom (Read: Live Classes via Zoom) and also deep dived into digital learning management system (LMS) platforms like Edmodo and Google Classroom (Read: Digital Learning Platforms for Low Cost Private Schools). While video conferencing tools help […]

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Digital LMS Platforms for Low Cost Private Schools

In the first blog post of our ‘Technologies for School Resilience’ series, we focused on how schools can use video conferencing tools like Zoom to conduct classes as seamlessly as possible. In today’s blog, we will consider education technology platforms that your school can use to complement video conferencing. We will be looking at platforms […]

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